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Our Story.

Connecting people with the flavors of Love and Authentic taste of South India.

As a family, we moved to America from South India with a dream of starting a church and doing missions for the people of America. Honestly, it felt a little odd to be coming from India to do mission work in America when it's usually the other way around. But we felt called to do it, and we were excited to see where this new journey would take us.

Growing up, our family had been heavily involved in ministry and in the restaurant business.

We had even started our own restaurants in India, serving up delicious South Indian cuisine to locals and tourists alike. So, when we settled into our new life in America, we knew we wanted to combine our love for food and our desire to spread the gospel.

That's when we came up with the idea for our little South Indian family kitchen.

We found a cozy little space to rent, not too far from our home, and spent weeks preparing it for our grand opening. We painted the walls, set up the kitchen, and made a small menu with some of our favorite dishes.

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The day finally arrived when we were ready to open our doors. We put up a sign outside that read "South Indian Family Kitchen" and eagerly waited for our first customers to arrive. It was nerve-wracking, to say the least. But as people started to trickle in, our nerves turned into excitement.

One by one, customers ordered dosas, biriyani, and chicken curries, and we were thrilled to see their faces light up with delight as they tasted the flavors and spices of our homeland. Our family members took turns in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and making sure that every dish was prepared with love and care.



But we didn't just want to serve delicious food; we also wanted to share the message of God's love with anyone who walked through our doors. We had conversations with customers, shared our testimonies, and prayed for those who needed it. Seeing how God was using our little restaurant to touch people's lives was amazing.

As the weeks passed, our little South Indian family kitchen became a staple in the community. We had regular customers who would come in every week for their favorite dishes, and we even started catering for events and parties.

 It was hard work, but it was worth it to see our dream come to life.

Looking back, we're grateful for the opportunity to start our little restaurant and to share our culture and faith with others. It's not always easy being away from our home in India, but we know we're right where God wants us to be. And we also had the opportunity to start a church as well. 

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